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Thistle Trophy and SNAGS weekend

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Thistle Trophy is a competition that has been running for many years. It was previously hosted by Edinburgh Diving Club at the Royal Commonwealth Pool with great success. Aberdeen Diving Club hope to carry on this tradition with the same standard as EDC and from this year forward will take over hosting the competition. SNAGs is a completely new competition for Scotland and therefor has a new list of dive requirements that will test an Age Group diver in all aspects of diving, including control, entries and power. Thistle Trophy is a novice competition, in which teams from across the UK are invited for 3 days of events across all ages to earn points and compete for their team to win the Thistle Trophy. SNAGs are for Age Group divers who are also invited from across the UK to compete, over the 3 days, a full set of dives in separate events on the 1m & 3m springboard and Platforms. Team ADC have had a fantastic 3 days with 35 divers competing across a variety of age groups within Thistle Trophy and SNAGs. With 5 medals won in Thistle Trophy, and 3 medals won across SNAG’s.

A special mention goes to Scott Riddoch, Anna Goodbrand and Kirsten Wilson for competing in their first ever diving competition. A PDF of all the results can be found on the Results page of our website.


Boys Group F (2 divers)

2nd - Blair Crooks (159.50)

Boys Group E (10 divers)

2nd - Ben Morrice (250.80)

3rd - Scott Riddoch (247.90)

8th - Murray Balfour (196.55)

Boys Group D (25 divers)

5th - Noah Penman (272.70)

20th - Cameron Hastings (226.85)

21st - Josh Douglas (223.35)

24th - Luke Beattie (198.85)

Girls Group E (17 divers)

7th - Annabel Bostock (231.00)

10th - Jade Hendrie (222.95)

11th - Maisy Murray (221.95)

12th - Megan Williams (221.85)

14th - Mia Pritchard (217.80)

15th - Ellen Archer (207.60)

17th - Sophie Horne (191.10)

Girls Group D (30 divers)

8th - Amelie Horne (274.15)

11th - Niamh Rogerson (267.65)

16th - Anna Duthie (257.05)

18th - Lucy Fraser (255.30)

21st - Amy Stewart (250.05)

23rd - Millie Murdoch (246.75)

24th - Andrea Bostock (242.70)

27th - Sam Brown (222.45)

30th - Anna Goodbrand (178.25)

Girls Group C (22 divers)

4th - Emma Kelsey (277.35)

13th - Niamh Farquharson (259.00)

14th - Eliana Jackman (247.25)

19th - Holly Thomson (239.35)

21st - Arianna Castillo (233.80)

Girls Group B+ (13 divers)

1st - Elayna Robertson (250.10)

3rd - Lucy Allardyce (228.80)

9th - Holly Hendry (197.10)

11th - Kirsten Wilson (187.90)


Boys Group D

1m (6 divers)

2nd (2nd) - Moray Gault (136.05)

3m (6 divers)

2nd (3rd) - Moray Gault (146.55)

Girls Group B

Platform (10 divers)

1st (7th) - Robyn Low (176.75)


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