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Luton Challange 2018

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

At the end of November, Clara Kerr, along with coach Anna Sless and support team Robyn Low travelled down to Luton to compete in the Luton Challenge 2018. This is a high level age group competition

which allows divers to compete up an age group to prepare them for their next season. Clara had just come back from an injury so was only competing in the Woman’s A+ 1m and 3m events. This is a new set of requirements for Clara, competing only 5 of her hardest dives. She put in a outstanding performance to come away as the 3m BRONZE medallist and the 1m champion.

Due to Clara’s elbow injury, she wasn’t able to compete platform. This gave the team Saturday off competing so they made a trip through to London for the day. Visiting most of the main attractions in the city, did some shopping and visited London’s massive Winter Wonderland. It was a great day and was a nice break from the long days at the pool. Thanks to chaperones Gregor and Jackie for allowing this to happen.

Girls Group A 1m

Preliminary 4th - Clara Kerr (175.80)

Final GOLD - Clara Kerr (128.85)


Preliminary 1st - Clara Kerr (217.65)

Final BRONZE - Clara Kerr (117.45)


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