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Santa Skills 2018

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Santa Skills was an absolutely great competition for Aberdeen Diving Club. Before the competition started we already had a winner, Madeleine McDermott-Dick won the t-shirt design competition.

ADC had 19 divers attending the competition down in Sheffield. It was a long 9hr bus ride, but all the divers took it in their stride and were keen to get into the pool the Friday evening for some training.

On Saturday all the kids dived really well and worked so hard during the training sessions to improve their dives. The coaches would like to say "They're all awesome and did ADC so proud". Team ADC came SECOND in the overall team ranking out of all 12 clubs attending - smashing it . Special mention to our 7 divers who made it through to the finals on their respective groups. Finals and Qualifier results can be seen below and a PDF of all the results can be found on the Results page of our website.

Group Mini E Girls GOLD - Megan Williams (Finalist) SILVER - Mia Pritchard (Finalist) 5th - Sophie Horne (Finalist)

Group Mini E Boys BRONZE - Scott Riddoch (Finalist)

Group E Girls 13th - Maisy Murray 14th - Jade Hendrie 16th - Annabel Bostock

Group D Girls 5th - Niamh Rogerson (Finalist) 12th - Anna Duthie 13th - Amelie Horne 25th - Amy Stewart

38th - Andrea Bostock

Group D Boys 18th - Josh Douglas 22nd - Cameron Hastings

Group C Girls 4th - Emma Kelsey (Finalist) 11th - Niamh Farquharson 18th - Holly Thompson

Group B+ Girls 12th - Madeline McDermott-Dick

Group B+ Boys 5th - Jamie Mackenzie (Finalist)


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