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Scottish National and Open Diving Championships 2018

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

The final event of the year was the Scottish National and Open Diving Championships. This competition was help in Edinburgh and on the best divers from across the UK were competing. Aberdeen Diving Club had one diver at this event, Clara Kerr. She was competing in the Girls Group B 1m and 3m events and came away with some fantastic results. In the 1m preliminary, Clara dived beautifully to qualify for the final in 2nd. She then went on to perform thee solid dives in the final and she finished with the open BRONZE medal. In the Girls Group B 3m event she qualified for the final in 1st place. She then put together 3 of her best dives in the final to keep her place and become the CHAMPION. In both these events, Clara was also competing for the National title and has not become the Girls Group B 1m and 3m SCOTTISH CHAMPION! She also finished 8th in the women’s 1m event which was a senior competition, competing against the current 1m commonwealth games gold medallist. This was a great experience for Clara.

She was also competing in the team event, which involves a boy and a girl joining together and performing two individual dives each and a dive mixed synchro . She teamed up with Angus Menmuir from Edinburgh, and the pair managed to finish 5th with only 10 minutes training together!

Outstanding effort all weekend. It was a fantastic finished to another great year. Well done!!

Girls Group B 1m (23 Divers)

Preliminary - 2nd - Clara Kerr (295.70)

Final - BRONZE Clara Kerr (284.15)

3m (21 Divers)

Preliminary - 1st - Clara Kerr (308.55)

Final - GOLD Clara Kerr (325.65)

Women 1m (17 Divers)

Preliminary - 15th - Clara Kerr (184.50)

Final - 8th Clara Kerr (179.00)

Team Event (11 Teams)

5th - Clara Kerr & Angus Menmuir (216.30)


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