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Talent Games 2021

Day 1

Massive well done to our 6 ADC divers competing in the Talent Games event in Leeds this weekend. This is a 2 day competition that tests physical and technical skills both in and out of the pool.

Today we had the dryland events. There were a number of physical skills testing their strength, flexibilty, coordination and technical competencies. The divers performed 5 skills on the dryboards, a gymnastic style floor routine, drills, and strength and conditioning skills including pike ups, chin ups, sprints, long jumps, and handstand holds.

Anna and Kim were so impressed with the quality and determination that all 6 divers showed throughout the day and they should all be extremely proud of themselves

The divers had the afternoon off and the coaches and chaperones thought they earned a well deserved trip to the cinema in the afternoon to see the latest marvel movie before dinner.

Day 2

Today's events at Talent Games took place in the pool, and the divers competed a series of required dives across 1m, 3m platform, and 3m line ups.

The 6 divers worked really hard to show good form, control, drills and entries. Just being selected to compete at this event is a massive achievement in itself.

The results from dryland, Pool and combines overall results can be seen below, a special shout out must got to Zain Sellar claiming the Bronze medal in the Group D Boys Pool competition. To Jade Hendrie who claimed the Silver medal in both the Girls Group D Pool competition and Overall combined results. Also to Semyon Bykov who cam away with the Bronze medal in the Boys Group D Dryland and Overall combined results.

Girls Group D (20 Divers) Amelia Leslie

Dry - 5th Pool - 5th Overall - 6th

Jade Hendrie🥈🥈

Dry - 6th Pool - 2nd Overall - 2nd

Annabel Bostock

Dry - 16th Pool - 12th Overall - 15th

Boys Group D (18 Divers) Zain Sellar🥉

Dry - 7th Pool - 3rd Overall - 6th

Semyon Bykov🥉🥉

Dry - 3rd Pool - 6th Overall - 3rd

Samuel Tommison

Dry - 13th Pool - 9th Overall - 12th


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