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Scottish National & Open Championships (SNOCs) 2021

An outstanding weekend for Noah in Edinburgh for the Scottish National and Open Championships.

Noah was competing in 4 events this weekend. He started off in the boys group B platform event, performing the most beautiful set of dives to come away as the Scottish National and open CHAMPION 🏆

He was then competing in the men’s 3m. This was about the experience competing in a senior event, diving alongside Olympians. He kept his cool and put together a very steady list to finish 12th in a big event

The 3rd day saw Noah up in the boys B 1m event. Noah dived UNBELIEVABLY and came away with a huge score! He became the 1m Scottish and open CHAMPION

The final day of competitions, Noah was competing in the boys B 3m event. Noah had some beautiful dives but also a few which didn’t go as well as he would have liked. He did not let this affect him, and beat his score in the final and came away with a bronze medal.

To add to his many medals of the weekend, Noah also became the Junior Scottish Champion on platform.

We could not be more proud of Noah, all his hard work has paid off and we are very excited to see what’s next for Noah 🏆🥇🥇🥇🥉


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