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Southampton Invitational 2021

Our Age Group divers had several fantastic days down in Southampton over the weekend at the 2021 Southampton Invitational. This was our club's first away competition since February of 2020 and this competition also served as the first-ever age group comp for 7 out of our 9 divers attending. The coaches couldn’t have been more proud of the team, who all put in some very solid performances over the course of the three days and came away with some brilliant results, lots of finals, and a fab medal haul.

We’d like to give a special mention to Anna Duthie and Noah Penman who this whole trip were absolute stars. They were always on top of what was going on and were where they needed to be and when. They both dived their socks off-putting in some very good performances. Noah and Anna were always offering to help Joanne carry extra bags of food or luggage without any fuss or hesitation. Great work you two!!!

The coaches would also like to give a massive thank you to our amazing chaperone this trip Joanne Adams, who on her first time chaperoning did a phenomenal job and along with her technical assistant, Anna Duthie managed to live stream every final and take videos of each diver to send to their parents back home.

Day 1 - Saturday

Girls D Platforms

(Finals) Jade Hendrie SILVER

(Finals) Amelia Leslie 5th

Girls C 3m

(Prelims) Anna Duthie 17th

Girls B 1m

(Prelims) Niamh Rogerson 4th

Boys D 1m

(Finals) Zain Sellar 4th

(Finals) Semyon Bykov 5th

Boys C 3m

(Prelims) Ben Morrice 10th

Boys B Platform

(Finals) Noah Penman SILVER

Boys B 1m

(Finals) Noah Penman GOLD

Day 2 - Sunday

Girls D 3m

(Finals) Jade Hendrie SILVER

(Finals) Amelia Leslie 5th

(Prelims) Megan Horsburgh 8th

Girls C 1m

(Prelims) Anna Duthie 7th

Girls B Platform

(Finals) Niamh Rogerson SILVER

Boys D Platform

(Finals) Semyon Bykov SILVER

Boys C 1m

(Finals) Ben Morrice 4th

Boys C Platform

(Finals) Ben Morrice 6th

Boys B 3m

(Finals) Noah Penman GOLD

Day 3 - Monday

Girls D 1m

(Finals) Amelia Leslie SILVER

(Finals) Jade Hendrie 4th

(Prelims) Megan Horsburgh 10th

Girls C Platform

(Prelims) Anna Duthie 16th

Girls B 3m

(Finals) Niamh Rogerson GOLD

Boys D 3m

(Finals) Semyon Bykov SILVER

(Finals) Zain Sellar 4th


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