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Shipley Novice Diving Championships

Aberdeen had 17 divers travelling down to the Shipley Novice Diving Championship. The competition is a chance for novice divers from across the country to come together for a fantastic 2 days of diving.

On day one we only had the girls group D divers competing. Due to the massive number of divers entered this category it was divided into D1 (10 years) and D2 (11 years) with over 30 divers in each. The 4 divers did fantastic with some beautiful dives and a few new dives being competed for the first time in very tough competitions.

Day two we had the rest of the divers competing in the Boys and Girls E (8-9 years), Girls B (14-16 years), Girls C (12-13 years) and the Boys D (10-11 years). All the divers did some amazing dives and had some beautiful entries in again what were very tough competitions. Full results from the competition can be seen below.

A special mention goes to Sophie Horne who had her first ever diving competition in a very tough group E but dived with confidence and smiles. Sophie was also nominated star of the trip.

Boys E (14 divers)

12th - Murray Balfour (100.65)

Boys D (32 divers)

21st - Josh Douglas (131.30)

32nd - Luke Beattie (108.95)

Girls E (21 divers)

11th - Mia Pritchard (130.25)

17th - Maisy Murray (120.00)

18th - Jade Hendrie (113.70)

19th - Sophie Horne (103.70)

20th - Ellen Archer (104.80)

Girls D1 (33 divers)

9th - Anna Duthie (140.20)

25th - Brooke Mackintosh (123.10)

Girls D2 (37 divers)

16th - Millie Murdoch (137.15)

25th - Amelie Horne (126.60)

Girls C (43 divers)

16th - Niamh Farquharson (148.45) PB

20th - Holly Thompson (143.40) PB

32th - Eliana Jackman (129.60)

Girls B (13 divers)

1st - Elayna Robertson (196.60) PB

10th - Madeline McDermott-Dick (148.50)


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