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SASA Levels June: Dundee

Updated: Sep 4, 2018

16thJune, Olympia Leisure Centre, Dundee

This leg of the Scottish Diving Levels was held in Dundee on 16thJune and was aimed at Level 2 divers only. Following the event there was also a trial to be selected for the Scottish Novice team which will attend the Celtic Cup later this year in Ireland.

Aberdeen Diving Club sent a team of 13 divers to the SASA levels and 10 divers to take part in the Celtic Cup trial. The team performed brilliantly with Noah Penman even scoring a 10 on his forward tuck roll on 3m! ADC came away with a total of five medals, including 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze medals. The results of the Celtic Cup trial will be released within the next few weeks.

A PDF of all the results can be found on the Results page of our website.

Boys Level 2, 8-10 years (3 divers total)

Ashton Waddell, SILVER – 266.20 points

Boys Level 2, 11-13 years (11 divers total)

Noah Penman, GOLD – 290.40 points

Boys Level 2, 14-18 years (4 divers total)

Jamie Mackenzie, SILVER – 259.40 points

Girls Level 2, 11-13 years (12 divers total)

Emma Kelsey, BRONZE – 277.45 points

Niamh Rogerson, 4th– 267.45 points

Niamh Farquharson, 6th- 259.80 points

Eliana Jackman, 8th– 256.40 points

Holly Thomson, 12th– 238.10 points

Girls Level 2, 14-18 years (12 divers total)

Elayna Robertson, BRONZE – 258.55 points

Kirsten Wilson, 6th– 243.60 points

Madeleine McDermott-Dick, 7th– 239.90 points

Emma Findlay, 8th– 237.60 points

Amy Leigh, 10th– 235.20 points

Grace Dymond, 11th– 226.10 points


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