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National Skills Finals 2018

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

This year, Aberdeen Diving Club had 4 divers attending the National Skills Finals down in Manchester; Emma Kelsey (novice Girls C1), Holly Hendry (novice girls B+), Lucy Allardyce (novice girls B+) and Niamh Rogerson (novice girls D2).

Niamh finished in 40th, although not diving how she wanted to, Niamh stayed very positive and has learnt a lot for future competitions. She also didn’t let her scores effect her and still showed some lovely skills throughout the whole competition, especially her poolside dives.

Holly and Lucy were against a group of 29 divers in the Girls group B+. Holly was competing dives she had only just relearned earlier in the week. Holly took this added pressure and used it to her advantage, keeping herself in amongst the top of the pack the whole way through and finishing in 7th. Lucy finished in the BRONZE medal position. Her competition started out well but on her 4th (and favourite) dive she dropped right down to the bottom of the rankings after it went wrong. Lucy managed to put the mistake to the back of her mind and concentrate on what she still had to do, slowly making her way back into a medal position.

Emma finished in 16th position out of a massive group of 43 divers. She demonstrated her progress by executing technical dives and also taking away some valuable lessons. Emma was diving on the Sunday, making Saturday a very long day for her. She took this like a champ cheering on and supporting her teammates throughout the day.

This was the first time Aberdeen Diving Club had been to the National Skills Finals so we were unsure on what to expect going into the competition, but the girls dived amazingly even with the very high level of competition.

Well done to all four girls!!!

A PDF of all the results can be found on the Results page of our website.

Girls Group D2 (47 divers)

40th - Niamh Rogerson (267.65)

Girls Group C1 (43 divers)

16th - Emma Kelsey (284.28)

Girls Group B+ (29 divers)

Bronze - Lucy Allardyce (300.45)

7th - Holly Hendry (281.25)


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