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National Age Group Championships

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

This year Aberdeen Diving Club had two divers taking part at the National Age Groups down in Sheffield. Moray Gault (Boys Group D) and Robyn Low (Girls Group B).

Moray was competing in the boys group D 1m and 3m events, finishing 14th and 12th. Moray showed off some beautiful dives in both events!! He has only recently moved up to age group and this was his first away competition but handled the long days, and lots of training like a pro!

Robyn was competing in the Girls Group B 1m, 3m and Platform events. Robyn unfortunately didn’t dive her best this weekend, finishing 28th, 24th and 22nd. This has made Robyn more determined to make the changes to her dives and work hard to improved when she compete at her next competition.

Full Results from the weekend can be seen on the Results page of our website.

Boys Group D


14th - Moray Gault (127.75)


12th - Moray Gault (143.65)

Girls Group B


28th - Robyn Low (167.45)


24th - Robyn Low (190.35)


22nd - Robyn Low (172.10)


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