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Irish National and Open Diving Championship

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Aberdeen Diving Club had 9 divers travelling to Ireland to compete. This is a 3 day competition and can involve long days at the pool, but the 9 divers took it in there stride always working hard when training and during their competition, then supporting the team the rest of the time.

Lucy Allardyce was competing in her first Age group competition. Over the 3 days she took part in the Girls B 1m, 3m and Platform events finishing in 8th, 9th and 8th respectively. She did some lovely dives and competed her forward two and a half on 3m for the first time. Lucy put in a great effort at her first age group competition.

Noah Penman was also competing in his first Age Group competition. He was supposed to be competing in the Boys D 1m and 3m events but due to injury had to pull out of the 3m event to heal. He dived fantastically in his 1m event and came away with the BRONZE medal.

In the Novice skills events first up was Holly Hendry (Girls B) who dived beautifully and came away with the SILVER medal. Up next was Ashton Waddell (Boys D) who put together a lovely set of dives to finish in 8th. ADC had 3 girls competing the Girls D skills and we had three top 10 finishes with Amelie Horne in 10th, Millie Murdoch in 5th and Niamh Rogerson taking GOLD!!! All 3 showed beautiful diving. There was 2 divers in final skills event (Girls C). Niamh Farquharson dived brilliantly finishing in 6th place, making some great changed to her dives. Emma Kelsey smashed it taking GOLD!!!.

Novice Skills Boys D (22 divers) 8th - Ashton Waddell (261.20) Girls D (28 divers) GOLD - Niamh Rogerson (290.95)

5th - Millie Murdoch (268.30)

10th - Amelie Horne (252.10) Girls C (19 divers)

GOLD – Emma Kelsey (295.00)

6th - Niamh Farquharson (267.75)

Girls B (12 divers) SILVER – Holly Hendry (307.10)

Age Group Boys D 1m (6 divers)

BRONZE - Noah Penman (142.90) Girls B 1m (13 divers)

8th - Lucy Allardyce (181.30)

3m (11 divers)

9th - Lucy Allardyce (179.15)

Platform (12 divers)

8th - Lucy Allardyce (165.60)


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