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Barcelona International Meet

Aberdeen Diving Club took two divers, Clara Kerr and Robyn Low, to Barcelona this summer to take part in the International competition at the Piscina Minicipal de Montjuic. This is a tough event with divers from many different countries coming to compete.

Diving in an outdoor pool is very different to our normal training facilities, so it is always a great experience for the divers. This was Robyn's first time competing abroad and she adapted very well and trained hard for the few days leading up to the competitions. Both Clara and Robyn were competing in the Girls Group B 1m, 3m and platform events.

First up we had the Girls Group B Platform. Robyn competed very well finishing 9th in a tough competition. Clara did some beautiful required dives and came away as a BRONZE medallist. Clara was also competing dives from 10m for the first time, which can be quite scary outside when it gets windy!

The following day, we had the girls 1m event. Robyn was training very well in training before, but unfortunately dropped a few of her dives in the competition and finished in 19th. She did however makes some great changes to some of her dives so great effort. Clara started off steady and was super positive all throughout the event. She then pulled out fantastic last three dives to get her the SILVER medal!

On the final day of competitions, Clara and Robyn were competing in the Girls Group B 3m. Both girls were training hard in the morning training session and had a great competition. Robyn did some lovely dives and finished in 16th place. Clara dived beautifully, got a massive personal best and came away as the Girls 3m CHAMPION. A full set of medals for Clara so a HUGE well done.

After the competitions, they had a well-deserved couple of days off to see the city and go to beach before flying home. Amazing job all week girls, you did ADC proud!!


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