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White Rose 2022

Massive congratulations to our 8 divers who were competing in Leeds last weekend at White Rose 2022. We had some fantastic results, with divers coming away with new PB’s and many making their first final at a competition

Well done to all the divers for their great attitude and behaviour all weekend and a special thanks to Trish, our chaperone, for looking after us so well


Girls Group D1 Olivia Leslie- Prelim 1st, Final 2nd 🥈

Girls Group D2 Ella Duthie- Prelim 1st, Final 6th Poppy Martin- Prelim 2nd, Final 3rd 🥉 Felicity Davies- Prelim 14th

Girls Group C1 Maisy Murray- Prelim 3rd, Final 4th

Boys Group D1 Angus Macrae- Prelim 2nd, Final 3rd 🥉

Boys Group D2 Nicolas Currie- Prelim 3rd, Final 1st 🥇

Boys Group C2 Scott Riddoch- Prelim 1st, Final 1st 🥇

Girls D 3m platform Ella Duthie- 3rd 🥉 Poppy Martin- 7th

Boys D 3m platform Nicolas Currie- 5th Angus Macrae- 8th

Boys C 3m platform Scott Riddoch- 3rd 🥉


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