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CAMO Invitational 2023

A massive congratulations to Noah who was representing team Scotland alongside team England in Montreal, Canada this week at the Camo Invitational.

Although Noah is still a group B diver, he was diving up an age group into group A to get experience for the coming season. He was competing in both the 1m and 3m events but unfortunately due to a current injury was not able to compete in the platform event.

Up first was the boys Group A 3m. Noah had an outstanding set of required dives in his prelim, qualifying for the final in 2nd place but with a 20 point lead going into the final. He dived beautifully in the final to come away as the boys A 3m CHAMPION with a massive massive score of 507.55.

On the last day, he was then competing in the 1m event. He had a great prelim (even though he wasn’t feeling his best) and qualified for the final in 1st position with a score of 442.40. He then smashed his final finishing with another ridiculously huge score of 489.80 and becoming the boys group A 1m CHAMPION.

These scores are unbelievable and would have put him at the top end of the Junior World Championships this year! This was a whole different experience for the divers, having to handle long flights and jet lag but they all took it in their stride and we were all very very impressed with how both Noah and team England handled it.


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