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Talent Games 2023

Huge well done to Angus and Olivia who were competing in the 2023 Talent Games in Leeds this weekend. This is a 2 day competition that tests physical and technical skills both in and out of the pool.

They should both be very proud of themselves. Each showing off some fantastic dives in their respective events, and have both worked incredibly hard in the months leading up to this event. Just being selected to compete at this event is a massive achievement in itself. 💪

A special mention goes to Olivia who made it through to the 1m knockout finals for the top 8 competitors in the whole competition (50 divers total) regardless of age or gender. 🎉⭐

Olivia Leslie - Girls Group D (25 divers)

Dry - 6th

Pool - 4th

Overall - 5th

1m knockouts - 5th

Angus Macrae - Boys Group D (10 divers)

Dry - 7th

Pool - 6th

Overall - 8th


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