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Irish Open Diving Championship 2023

Over the weekend ADC took a team of 14 Age Group divers and also 14 Novice divers to Dublin, Ireland, to compete in the 2023 Irish Open Diving Championship. This event had both Age Group and Novice events making it one of the few competitions where the divers get to be on an away trip with their fellow club members from various different squads, across all ages. The weekend was a huge success, not only did each diver compete and dive amazing, but the trip itself was a phenomenal team bonding experience. The cherry on top was that we had a huge medal haul from both groups:

Novice - 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥈🥉

Age Group - 🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥈🥉🥉🥉🥉🥉

I think I speak for all coaches when I say how incredibly proud we are of all the divers this weekend. The days were long, but the behavior was always on point and the organisation with all the travel and overall team camaraderie was something they should all be proud of.

Our final mention must go to the 4 amazing chaperones for this trip, Olga, Kirsty, Mirjam & Lyndsey. You all went above and beyond in so many ways, thank you much for doing such a good job of looking after us all weekend, we really appreciate it. 🌯🍊🧃🍇🎉

Novice Results

Boys B

Scott Riddoch - 1st 🏆

Girls B

Megan Williams - 1st 🏆

Mia Pritchard - 5th

Ellen Archer - 6th

Boys C

Nico Currie - 4th

Girls C

Poppy Martin - 4th

Maisy Murray - 6th

Layla Ross - 8th

Felicity Davies - 10th

Boys D

Blair Riddoch - 2nd 🥈

Adam Duthie - 6th

Girls D

Darcy Napier-Rey - 1st 🏆

Girls E

Eva Gibb - 1st 🏆

Kyara Lee - 3rd 🥉

Age Groups Results

Boys C

Sammy - 1m (🏆), 3m (🏆), Plt. (🏆)

Semyon - 1m (🥉), 3m (🥈), Plt. (🥉)

Zain - 1m (4th), 3m (4th), Plt. (4th)

Blair - 1m (6th), 3m (6th) , Plt. (5th)

Girls C

Ella - 1m (🥉), 3m (4th), Plt. (4th)

Annabel - 1m (6th), 3m (🥉), Plt. (7th)

Jade - 1m (🥈), 3m (7th), Plt. (8th)

Amelia - 1m (12th), 3m (5th), Plt. (5th)

Megan - 1m (10th), 3m (9th), Plt. (9th)

Olivia - 1m (13th), 3m (11th), Plt. (11th)

Isla - 1m (4th), 3m (10th)

Boys B

Ben - 1m (🏆), 3m (🏆), Plt. (🥈)

Liam - 1m (🥉), 3m (🥈), Plt. (🏆)

Girls B

Anna - 1m (🥈), 3m (🥈), Plt. (🥈)

Go to our Instagram highlight ‘Irish Open 2023’ where you'll find all the stories that were posted over the 4 days. There you can see some of the amazing diving from our divers that was on show.


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