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Southampton Invitational 2022

Brilliant few days down in southampton for the 7 ADC divers who were competing at the Southampton Invitational 2022. It was a busy weekend with divers making finals on each of the days. The team came away with

HUGE well done to all divers who did ADC proud and a big thank you to Tiffany who was our fantastic chaperone over the weekend.

Our on the away trips we like to give a special mention to one of our divers who has stood out, someone who has been our 'Star Diver'. There was one diver who the coaches and the chaperone though stood out and that diver was Isla Berry. She was competing at her first Age Group competition, and not only did she keep her cool and dive her socks off claiming the silver medal on the Girls D 1m, she was so organised the whole weekend and her behaviour and attitude was fantastic. On day 1 she didnt have an event but still had to be at the pool all day and she was one of the loudest supporters in the stands cheering on teamates and never complaining once about the long days at the pool. Well done Isla!

Results Isla Berry - Girls Group D 1m - 2nd 🥈 3m - 5th

Zain Sellar - Boys Group D 1m - 3rd 🥉 3m - 7th Platform - 2nd 🥈

Jade Hendrie - Girls Group C 1m - 20th (Prelims) Platform - 14th (Prelims)

Megan Horsburgh - Girls Group C 1m - 22nd (Prelims) 3m - 21st (Prelims) Platform - 6th (Finals)

Semyon Bykov - Boys Group C 1m - 6th (Finals) 3m - 3rd (Finals) 🥉 Platform - 1st (Finals) 🥇

Anna Duthie - Girls Group B 1m - 5th (Finals) 3m - 14th (Prelims) Platform - 17th (Prelims)

Noah Penman - Boys Group B 1m - 3rd (Finals) 🥉 3m - 2nd (Finals) 🥈 Platform - 1st (Finals) 🥇

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