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Shipley Novices 2023

Last weekend we had a team of 12 divers attending the Shipley Novices event in Bradford. This was the first away trip for a number of our divers and great experience for them all.

A huge thank you also to Cameron+Ross whose generous sponsorship supported our divers to attend this event.

Girls Group E Taylor Drever - SILVER 🥈 Eva Gibb - 4th Kyara Lee - 9th Maisie Leslie - 11th

Girls Group C Layla Ross - 9th Skye Steven - 22nd

Girls Group B Mia Pritchard - 8th Megan Williams - 9th Ellen Archer - 12th

Boys Group E Kade Miller - BRONZE 🥉

Boys Group D Jayden Lovie - 4th

Boys Group B Scott Riddoch - 4th


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