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Santa Skills 2022

Fantastic day down in Leeds for the Santa Skills 2022. We took a team of 17 divers many of which were on their first trip with ADC. 11 of the divers made the finals in their respective groups, with all divers performing some top-quality diving and some absolutely amazing team spirit and support.

Thank you to our wonderful chaperones Diane, Joanne & Lyndsey for looking after the kids.

The Star of the trip went to Layla Ross & Isla McPhee


Boys Group Mini E

Kade Miller - Prelim 1st, Final 2nd 🥈

Boys Group E

Blair Riddoch - Prelim 4th, Final 1st 🥇

Adam Duthie - Prelim 1st, Final 4th

Boys Group D

Angus Macrae - Prelim 2nd, Final 3rd 🥉

Girls Group D

Olivia Leslie - Prelim 5th, Final 4th

Poppy Martin - Prelim 3rd, Final 6th

Ella Duthie - Prelim 9th

Amiyah Taylor-Sinclair - Prelim 11th

Felicity Davies - Prelim 16th

Boys Group C

Scott Riddoch - Prelim 1st, Final 1st 🥇

Girls Group C

Maisy Murray - Prelim 6th, Final 1st 🥇

Layla Ross - Prelim 4th, Final 3rd 🥉

Megan Williams - Prelim 7th

Mia Pritchard - Prelim 10th

Ava Gormley - Prelim 11th

Isla McPhee - Prelim 17th

Jessica Macrae - Prelim 20th

Boys Group B+

Liam Davie-Wright - Prelim 1st, Final 1st 🥇

Nicholas Connon - Prelim 2nd, Final 3rd 🥉


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