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G-Star 2023

ADC took a team of 9 divers down to Leeds last weekend for Gstar 2023. This was a fantastic trip with all divers coming away with some great results, gaining more competition experience and diving alongside GB Olympians and GB olympic medalists.

Girls Group C 1m Megan Horsburgh- 11th Annabel Bostock- 8th Jade Hendrie- FINAL 2nd 🥈

3m Megan Horsburgh- 7th Annabel Bostock- FINAL 4th Jade Hendrie- FINAL 5th

Platform Megan Horsburgh- FINAL 6th Annabel Bostock- 8th Jade Hendrie- FINAL 3rd 🥉

Boys Group C 1m Zain Sellar- FINAL 3rd 🥈 Semyon Bykov- FINAL 4th

3m Zain Sellar- FINAL 4th Semyon Bykov- FINAL 3rd 🥉

Platform Zain Sellar- 11th

Girls Group B - Anna Duthie 1m- 10th 3m- 9th Platform- 8th

Boys Group B - Ben Morrice 1m- 7th 3m- FINAL 5th Platform- 9th

Girls Group A+ - Niamh Rogerson 1m- 14th 3m- 11th Platform- 8th

Boys Group A+ - Noah Penman 1m- FINAL 3rd 🥉 3m- FINAL 6th Platform- FINAL 2nd 🥈

1m Synchro Annabel and Megan- 3rd 🥉

Platform Synchro Anna and Niamh- 1st 🥇

Team Event Niamh and Ben- 5th


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