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G-Star 2022

A fantastic weekend away in Leeds for Gstar 2022. ADC took 6 divers, all coming away with some amazing performances, new PB’s and things to work on for upcoming events. Their behaviour and attitude has been outstanding and they have done ADC proud. Massive thanks to our two chaperones, Joanne and Tiffany, for looking after the coaches and children so well

Noah - Boys Group B 🥈🥉

1m - (finalist) BRONZE 3m - (finalist) SILVER Platform - (finalist) BRONZE

Ben - Boys Group C

1m - (finalist) 4th 3m - (finalist) 5th Platform - (finalist) 4th

Semyon - Boys Group C

1m - (finalist) 6th 3m - (finalist) 4th Platform - 7th

Zain - Boys Group D 🥇🥈

1m - (finalist) GOLD 3m - (finalist) SILVER Platform - (finalist) 4th

Jade - Girls Group C

1m - (finalist) 4th 3m - 8th Platform - 9th

Amelia - Girls Group C

1m - 10th 3m - 12th Platform - 7th


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