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Armada Cup 2022

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

A couple weeks ago, 8 of our divers made the long journey down to Plymouth to compete in the 2022 Armada Cup. This was a very full on week with 4 full days of competition, plus double training session on the Friday before the comp. With some rock-climbing in the lunch break between the training sessions.

Special mention must go to Anna Duthie who celebrated her 14th Birthday while down in Plymouth!!!

All divers dived amazingly, competing new dives and coming away with PBs!

Zain - Boys Group D 🥇🥈🥉

1m - (finalist) GOLD 3m - (finalist) SILVER Platform - (finalist) BRONZE

Megan - Girls Group C

1m - 26th 3m - 20th Platform - withdrew due to injury

Amelia - Girls Group C

1m - 22nd 3m - 8th Platform - 15th

Jade - Girls Group C 🥇

1m - (finalist) GOLD 3m - 23rd Platform - (finalist) 5th

Ben - Boys Group C 🥉

1m - (finalist) BRONZE 3m - (finalist) 4th Platform - (finalist) 5th

Semyon - Boys Group C

1m - (finalist) 6th 3m - 7th Platform - (finalist) 4th

Anna - Girls Group B

1m - 11th 3m - 17th Platform - 14th


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