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Armada Cup 2023

We had a team of 7 divers make the long journey down to Plymouth last week for Armada Cup 2023. This was a long event with Anna, Annabel, Ben, Jade, Isla and Megan competing in the age group events and Semyon trialling out his list in the Elite Test category. The divers had some fantastic performances, with all divers coming away with at least one top 6 finish which is an amazing achievement. As always, they have done ADC proud

Age Group Girls C 1m (21 divers) Jade- 5th Isla B- 6th Annabel- 9th Megan- 13th

3m (21 divers) Jade- prelim 2nd, final 2nd 🥈 Annabel- prelim 3rd, final 4th Megan- prelim 5th, final 6th Isla B- 11th

Platform (12 divers) Megan- prelim 5th, final 3rd 🥉 Annabel- prelim 2nd, final 6th Isla B- 9th

Age Group Girls B 1m (29 divers) Anna D- 9th

3m (24 divers) Anna D- 8th

Platform (25 divers) Anna D- 6th

Age Group Boys B 1m (8 divers) Ben- 2nd 🥈

3m (8 divers) Ben- prelim 5th, final 2nd 🥈

Platform (8 divers) Ben- prelim 4th, final 4th

Junior Elite Test Boys C 1m (3 divers) Semyon- 3rd 🥉

3m (3 divers) Semyon- 2nd 🥈

Platform (3 divers) Semyon- 2nd 🥈

Girls 9-13 Synchro

Annabel + Megan- 2nd 🥈

Boys 9-13 Synchro Semyon + Jamie (Edinburgh)- 4th


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