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ADC & EDC Talent Day Camp

Well done to our 7 divers who took part yesterday in the Scotland Talent Day Camp for divers aged 11 & under, which we hosted here at ASV.

With 21 divers participating from across the two clubs (Edinburgh & Aberdeen) ranging in age from 7-11yrs. For most, it was their first time at a training camp of this kind, where the day was long and busy with lots of dryland technical work, physical testing, and challenging new skills.

Well done to all the divers who took part and worked hard on making corrections to existing dives and especially to those who pushed themselves to try new skills and dives.

Special mention to Samuel who was voted as 1 of the 3 stars of the camp, along with Claudia and Bruno from Edinburgh, for his determination, focus, and overall hard-working attitude he showed throughout the day at the camp.


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