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2023 Scottish National Age Groups & Thistle Trophy

Over the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, we had 34 divers competing in the 2023 Thistle Trophy competition and 14 divers competing in the 2023 Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGs) right here in Aberdeen.

Attending the 3 days of competition, we welcomed diving clubs from not only Scotland but also a team from England, Ireland, and Dubai!!!

The Thistle Trophy is the prize for the novice side of the competition and is calculated based on the performance of novice divers across all ages. For the first time ever Aberdeen finished with the top score winning the Thistle Trophy, which has been won by Edinburgh each year for over the past 10 years!!!

Each and every diver who competed this weekend should be proud of themselves. You all dived amazingly, and the team support throughout the weekend from the poolside and the balcony was incredible.

Our head coach, Judy Wardlaw, just wanted to pass on a huge thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who gave up their time over the weekend. We received lots of lovely compliments about how smoothly the event went, and that is down to all of you being so outstanding!! We really couldn't do it without you, and your ongoing support is hugely appreciated.


Mini Girls E

Kyara Lee - 🥈

Taylor Drever - 4th

Maisie Leslie - 5th

Mini Girls D

Florence Sutan - 🥈

Yulia Kunitsya - 🥉

Mini Boys E

Aaron Crooks - 🥇

Kade Miller - 🥈

Kruz Gebbie - 🥉

Louie Murray - 4th

Mini Boys D

Calum Wilson - 🥈

Luca Wishart - 🥉

Girls E

Eva Gibb - 🥈

Girls D

Eilish Laing - 5th

Boys D

Angus Macrae - 🥇

Adam Duthie - 4th

Blair Riddoch- 5th

Rory Aitchison - 6th

Jayden Lovie - 9th

Girls C

Poppy Martin - 🥈

Layla Ross - 🥉

Maisy Murray - 4th

Jessica Macrae - 7th

Isla Macphee - 8th

Felicity Davies - 9th

Abbie Sim - 11th

Leisha Deshpande - 12th

Skye Stevens - 13th

Boys C

Nicolas Currie - 🥇

Murray Balfour - 7th

Girls B+

Megan Williams - 5th

Mia Pritchard - 7th

Ellen Archer - 9th

Boys B+

Nicholas Connon - 🥉

Scott Riddoch - 4th

1m Synchro

Megan + Ellen - 🥇

Mia + Scott - 🥈

Layla + Poppy -

Adam + Blair - 8th


Girls Group D

Olivia Leslie (1m 🥇, 3m 🥈, Plt. 🥇)

Girls Group C

Amelia Leslie (1m - 7th, 3m - 8th, Plt. - 10th)

Annabel Bostock (1m - 6th, 3m - 6th, Plt. 🥉)

Ella Duthie (1m - 8th, 3m - 10th)

Isla Berry (1m - 10th, Plt. - 9th)

Jade Hendrie (1m 🥇, 3m 🥈, Plt. - 5th)

Megan Horsburgh (1m - 5th, 3m - 9th, Plt. - 6th)

Boys Group C

Blair Crooks (1m - 7th, 3m - 7th, Plt. - 5th)

Samuel Tomisson (1m 🥉, 3m 🥈, Plt. 🥉)

Semyon Bykov (1m 🥇, 3m 🥇, Plt. 🥈)

Zain Sellar (1m , 3m - 4th, Plt. 🥇)

Girls Group B

Anna Duthie (1m - 6th, Plt. 🥇)

Boys Group B

Ben Morrice (1m 🥇, 3m 🥇, Plt. 🥇)

Girls Group A

Niamh Rogerson (1m 🥇, 3m 🥇, Plt.🥇)

3m Synchro

Samuel + Blair - 🥈

Anna + Niamh - 4th

Annabel + Megan - 5th

Isla + Ella - 7th

Jade + Semyon - 8th


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