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11th OPEN Croatian Cadet & Junior Championship

A team of 6 ADC divers travelled to Rijeka for the 11th OPEN Croatian Cadet & Junior Championship. For most of the team this was their first experience of diving in an outdoor pool and competing a FINA Age Group list. They rose to the occasion, showing off some beautiful skills and coming away with 6 medals!!!

The divers adapted well to the new environment and showed plenty of grit and determination over the 3 days of competition. Alongside the diving there was a lot of laughter, story telling, ball games and a fair bit of burnt Scottish skin!!

Boys Group D - Zain 1m - Bronze 3m - 4th Platform - Silver

Boys Group C - Ben 1m - 4th 3m - 5th Platform - 5th

Boys Group B - Noah 1m - Silver 3m - Silver Platform - Gold

Girls Group C - Amelia 1m - 12th 3m - 13th Platform - 9th

Girls Group B - Niamh and Anna 1m - Niamh 8th & Anna 11th 3m - Niamh 9th & Anna 15th Platform - Niamh Silver & Anna 5th


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