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White Rose 2019

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Aberden diving club had 11 divers make the journey down to Leeds to take part in the White Rose diving competition. It was a busy two days of competitions with our divers making finals in all events they entered.

Day 1 - Up first with an early start was Maisy, Megan, Amelia and Jade in the Girls Group E. All the girls made top 10 dived beautifully with three of them making the top 6 qualifying for the finals. Final results of the day were Megan 10th, Amelia 5th, Maisy taking the Bronze medal and Jade taking the Silver medal. Up next was Scott in the Boys Group D1, he dived very consistently qualifying for the finals and finishing in 6th. After Scott was Amy in the Girls Group C1 event and managed also qualify for the finals and dived really well making some key changes to finish in 4th. The last White Rose event of the day was Jamie who qualified for the final in 6th then upped his game to ultimately secure 4th position. The other event that took place today (beteen prelims and finalss) was the Talent Games Taster. This is a new event to white rose competition where the divers run through their 12 talent games pool event skill. Jade was our only diver taking part in this and out of the 4 group E girls Jade came in 3rd. Jade held her own and after getting over some initial nerves she dived well nailing her 3m platform backwards dive tuck for 8.5s.

Day 2 - Kicking the off the day was Dana competing in the Girls Group D2 event. Dana dived very consistently nailing her poolside and 3m line ups to qualify for the final in 2nd position. She once again dived consistently well in the final, she had a much lower tarrif than her fellow finalist and finishing in 6th overall. Our final event of the day was the Girls Group B+ where we had Madeleine, Niamh and Emma competing. All three made the top 10 with Madeleine finishing in 9th then with Emma in 3rd (even after doing a wrong dive) and Niamh in 1st going on into the final. In the final Emma managed to do the right dives and take the Silver medal and Niamh managed to hold off the competition and keep the Gold medal!!! Every Aberdeen diver made the Top 10 this weekend and the coaches couldn't be more proud. ADC had only 11 divers competing but in the team points Aberdeen Diving Club was 4th out of the much larger 11 teams taking part. Top 10s all round!!!

A .pdf of the full results can be found on the website Results page.

Girls Group E (23 divers)

SILVER - Jade Hendrie

BRONZE - Maisy Murray

5th - Amelia Leslie

10th - Megan Horsebourgh

Boys Group D1 (14 divers)

6th - Scott Riddoch

Girls Group D2 (16 divers)

6th - Dana Ross

Girls Group C1 (18 divers)

4th - Amy Stewart

Girls Group B+ (12 divers)

GOLD - Niamh Farquharson

SILVER - Emma Kelsey

9th - Madeleine McDermott-Dick

Girls Group B+ (7 divers)

4th - Jamie Mackenzie


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