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Talent Games 2019

Talent Games puts the top dives aged 9-11 through their paces in a 2 day competition that looks for physical and technical potential in both in and out the pool. Day 1 is all the dry land competitions including sprints, drills, acrobatics, gymnastics and physical testing. Day 2 takes place in the pool and assess fundamental diving techniques, form, control and entry. Just being selected to compete at this event is a massive achievement in itself. Finished off the day with a lovely team meal this evening was with our fellow Team Scotland competitors from Edinburgh Diving Club.

Day 1 of talent games complete. Both Jade and Brooke excelled themselves in the gym. After making individual goals, they both reached and surpassed several of their physical testing goals. Day 2 of talent games complete. Brooke was up first this morning in the Girls group D event. This was a massive event with 47 divers!! Unfortunately, Brooke injured her foot yesterday during dryland and wasn’t able to fully compete all her dives. She powered through and managed to compete 1 out of the 3 stations and smashed it! We are so so proud of Brooke this weekend, she was super tough and tried to fight through the pain!! Her attitude was amazing all weekend, having to adapt some of her skills in the routine and just getting on with it all. Brooke was selected for this event due to her extremely hard work over the past few months. She has taken the time to work on all her dryland skills at home and all of this extra work paid off in her dryland event yesterday. She pushed herself to get new personal bests and looked like she was in her element! MASSIVE well done Brooke, ADC are very proud of you!! In the afternoon was Jade. Jade started on 3m platform where diver perform 4 dives in all directions. Jade had a bit of a rocky start but managed to get into her groove after her forward jump pike. Onto 1m where the divers again perform 4 dives in all directions and before each dive is competed the divers also perform and get judged on their poolside drill (dive run-through). Jade dived very consistently getting all scores above a 6.5 for her dives and completed her drills with lovely control and form. The final station was 3m springboard where the divers perform a combination of 8 forward and backwards entries. This has always been Jade's weakest area, but her goal was to try focus on some specific changes and overall her lineups were good. There was 9 divers in the girls group E and Jade came in 6th position overall in the pool, dryland and combined results. Jade doesn't have any gymnastics or dancing background so this weekend was her first time ever competing in a competition that involves a gymnastics style routine and physical testing. She has been working extremely hard both at home and in dryland to get stronger and this paid off as she also got personal bests and kept up with the other girls in her group pushing herself to her limits. Great work this weekend. Keep up this determined attitude and you'll be unstoppable!!!


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