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SASA Levels November: Edinburgh

It was a very long day for the divers down in yesterday down in Edinburgh at the November SASA Levels. ADC had 57 divers competing, our biggest team to date. Special mention must go to Felicity Davies, Sophie Fraser, Leisha Deshpande, Jack Dow, Kyle Skene, Fraser Allan, Amy Esson, Emmanuela Onyewueke for taking part in their very first diving competition. Another special mention goes to Amiyah Taylor-Sinclair who's birthday it was on Saturday and she finished in 4th with some amazing diving getting 9s on 3m 😁. Happy Birthday from everyone at ADC.

Full results can be found on the results page of our website.


Mini E Boys

🥇- Angus Macrae

🥈- Seth O’Connor

Mini E Girls

🥈- Poppy Martin

🥉- Sophie Fraser


Group E Boys

🥈- Blair Crooks

🥉 - Samuel Tomisson

Group E Girls

🥈- Isla Berry

🥉- Layla Ross

Group D Boys

🥇- Nicholas Connon

🥉 - Adam Berry

Group D Girls

🥈- Emmanuela Onyewueke

🥉- Dana Ross

Group C Boys

🥈- Josh Douglas

Group C Girls

🥇- Sara Shimizu


Group E Girls

🥇- Jade Hendrie

Group D Boys

🥈- Ben Morrice

Group D Girls

🥈- Anna Duthie

Group C Girls

🥈- Amy Stewart

LEVEL 2 14+


🥈 - Jack Dow

🥉 - Jamie Mackenzie


🥈- Holly Thomson

🥉- Madeleine McDermott-Dick

LEVEL 3 Platform

Boys 13 & Under

🥇- Noah Pennman

Girls 14 & Over

🥈 - Lucy Allardyce

Level 4 1m

Girls 15 & Under

🥉 - Clara Kerr


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