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SASA Levels April: Edinburgh

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Another set of great results at today's SASA levels in Edinburgh. The coaches saw lots of great diving and coming away with a medal count of 7x 🥇, 3x 🥈 and 4x 🥉. Special shout out Semyon, Liam, Maya, Amiyah, Isla, Poppy and Dominic for competing in their first diving competition and focusing to dive their best. Special mention also to Ben Morrice taking part in their first level 2 after moving up from level 1. A special mention must also go to Nicholas Connon who unfortunately wasn't able to dive after taking a bad knock to the head in the changing rooms, but he was an absolute gem all day watching and supporting his teammates. A PDF of all the results can be found on the Results page of our website.


Mini E

Boys Gold - Semyon Bykov 🥇 Silver - Dominic Roberts🥈

Girls Gold - Isla Berry🥇 Bronze (tie) - Amiyah Taylor-Sinclair🥉 6th - Poppy Martin

Level 1

Group E Boys Bronze - Blair Crooks🥉 4th - Zain Sellar

Group E Girls Gold - Maisy Murray🥇

Group D Boys Gold - Scott Riddoch🥇 4th - Liam Davie-Wright 5th - Luke Beattie

Group D Girls Silver - Brooke Mackintosh🥈 Bronze - Maya Leighton🥉 5th - Mia Pritchard

Group C Boys Silver - Josh Douglas🥈

Level 2

Group E Girls Gold - Jade Hendrie🥇

Group D Boys Gold - Ben Morrice🥇 Bronze - Ashton Waddell🥉

Group D Girls 5th - Anna Duthie

Group C Girls Gold - Niamh Farquharson🥇 7th - Amy Stewart 8th - Lucy Fraser 10th - Millie Murdoch

Level 2 14+

Girls 5th - Holly Thomson 6th - Madeleine McDermott-Dick 7th - Isabelle Gore


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