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National Skills Finals 2019

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Day one of National Skills was a busy day. Up first was Sophie and Jade in the girls group E event. Both girls dived well. Sophie's aim was to focus on very specific changes this competition, she finished in 16th out of 19 divers, and taking away lots of positives including diving for a whole comp with confidence, focus yet relaxed mentality throughout the comp. Jade dived well showing everyone even if you're small you can still really bounce a springboard, narrowly missing out on the top 6 coming 7th.

After the girls was Ben and Ashton in the Boys D1 and D2 groups, respectively. Ben dived well in the competition making some of good correction from the earlier training sessions. Coming 9th (258.15) out of 12 competitors. Ashton pulled off some lovely diving holding his own in a tough group of 23 divers coming in 8th (267.45)

Next up were Amelie and Amy in the girls group C1. This was a massive group again of 32 divers. Both of girls dived their sock off. Amy managed to make some crucial changes to her dives managing to secure 6th (295.90). Amelie dived consistently throughout the comp hitting a massive P.B. of 315.45 points taking the SILVER medal.

The final event of the day was the girls group C2. Where we Niamh F. and Emma were competing. Niamh had a steady performance unfortunately droppings a couple dives but kept a steady head till the end securing 10th place (278.80) in a tough group of 23. Emma dived steadily on the first two stations then on 3m knocked it out the park scoring 9s and 10s for her line ups. Taking GOLD medal with a massive score of 318.70.

Day two was less busy and much shorter time at the pool. We had Anna D. and Holly T. competing in the girls group D2 and B+, respectively.

Up first was Anna D. who dived extremely well in a very tough group of 35 divers. She dived strong managing to getting several 8s and 9s, the rest with only a few minor errors ultimately securing 15th place (272.85).

Our final diver of the day was Holly Thomson. Holly was competing in a very tough group of 34 divers. She performed some very good dives and a has come away with a good learning experience and drive to increase the overall tariff (degree of difficulty) of her dives.

The team had an evening off and we decided to try rock climbing and bouldering, followed by massive portions of fish and chips down by the harbour then a play in the park. A .pdf of the full results can be found on the website Results page.

Girls Group E – 21 divers

7th - Jade Hendrie (266.85)

16th - Sophie Horne (234.50)

Boys Group D1 – 12 divers

9th - Ben Morrice (258.15)

Boys Group D2 – 23 divers

8th - Ashton Waddell (267.45)

Girls Group D1 – 35 divers

15th - Anna Duthie (272.85)

Girls Group C1 – 33 divers

SILVER - Amelie Horne (315.45)

6th - Amy Stewart (295.90)

Girls Group C2 – 23 divers

GOLD - Emma Kelsey (318.70)

10th - Niamh Farquharson (278.80)

Girls Group B+ – 35 divers

25th - Holly Thomson (253.70)


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