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National Age Groups (NAGs) 2019

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Aberdeen Diving Club took a team of 5 divers down to Sheffield to compete in the National Age Group Championships. This event has some of the best age group divers in the country so a great achievement to be invited to this event. The divers competed in the 1m, 3m and platform events in their age groups.

The first day of individual events, we had Niamh on platform in the girls C event. Niamh started off with a stunning dive and carried on with a consistent list to finish in 19th in a very tough event. We then had the boys also up on platform. Both put together a good, steady list to finish in the top 10 with Moray in 9th and Noah just missing out on the medals in 4th place. Lucy and Robyn were up in the girls group B 3m with some lovely dives from both. Lucy finished in 17th and Robyn in 23rd who unfortunately had to withdraw from the competition before her last dive.

We then had a very successful second day of competitions. First up in the morning we had Noah and Moray competing in the boys group C 3m event. Moray did some lovely dives and competed his forward two and a half somersaults pike for the first time having only learnt it the previous week. He finished 16th in a big event. Noah dived beautifully and consistently throughout to come away as the boys group C 3m CHAMPION, winning by nearly 20 points! Fantastic effort Noah. Well done boys! Lucy and Robyn were competing in the girls group B 1m. Robyn put together a very steady list and finished in 15th. Lucy finished in 22nd, with some lovely dives but unfortunately just dropping one. Well done girls, some lovely diving. Niamh was competing in the last event of the day, the girls C 1m. Niamh started off very well and did some beautiful diving but dropped her last dive which put her in 18th. Well done Niamh, a new experience diving in a competition 2 hours long!

On the final day we had Lucy in the girls group B platform event. Lucy dived lovely to finish in 20th, just needing a little more tariff to help her score. Amazing job in her first ever NAGS. Niamh was competing in the girls group C 3m event. This was again an extremely long and tough event but Niamh stayed positive throughout and did some lovely dives. She also competed her back one a half somersaults half twist for the first time. She did really well to finish in 17th. Well done Niamh! Noah and Moray were on 1m for their final event. Moray had a tough event but also had some lovely dives and made big changes to some of his dives to come 19th. Noah was feeling relaxed and positive throughout his event and put together a very steady list to come away with his second GOLD of the weekend. Outstanding effort, well done boys!!

Special mention must go to Noah who has become DOUBLE NATIONAL AGE GROUP CHAMPION on 1m and 3m. A .pdf of the full results can be found on the website Results page.

Boys C/D 1m Synchro - 9 pairs

7th - Noah Penman + Moray Gault (139.98)

Girls C/D 1m Synchro - 13 pairs

11th - Niamh Rogerson + (EDC) Summer Ross (118.95)

Boys Group C

1m - 25 divers

GOLD - Noah Penman (198.85)

19th - Moray Gault (148.35)

3m - 25 divers

GOLD - Noah Penman (229.30)

16th - Moray Gault (170.40)

Platform - 21 divers

4th - Noah Penman (197.20)

Girls Group C

1m - 38 divers

18th - Niamh Rogerson (160.85)

3m -36 divers

17th - Niamh Rogerson (166.10)

Platform - 29 divers

19th - Niamh Rogerson (165.05)

Girls Group B

1m - 28 divers

15th - Robyn Low (186.85)

22nd - Lucy Allardyce (168.20)

3m - 23 divers

17th - Lucy Allardyce (194.15)

Withdrew - Robyn Low (169.95)

Platform - 21 divers

22nd - Lucy Allardyce (151.60)


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