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G-Star 2019

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Aberdeen Diving Club had two divers, Clara Kerr & Noah Penman, competing in the G-Star competition event in Leeds. This is a higher level Age group event which sees some of the up-and-coming age group divers compete with elite divers from all across Britain . This 3 day competition had Clara and Noah competing on all 3 boards in the Women’s Group A+ and Boys Group C category respectively.

Day 1

Clara was competing in the women’s A+ 1m event and put together a very steady list to finish 7th, just missing out on the final. Fantastic effort, and the first time competing a new dive so lots of positives to take from the event and things to work on for next time. Noah was competing in the Boys Group C platform event. This was Noah’s first ever platform competition and he put together a fantastic list to qualify for the final!!! He finished 6th in the final, with some great dives. Amazing experience for Noah and a great start to the weekend!

Day 2

Noah was competing in the boys group C 3m and finished in 9th place. This again is Noah’s first 3m competition so fantastic effort. He had a bit of a shaky start on his first few dives but had an amazing attitude and brought it back on the last 3. Clara was up next in the women’s A+ 3m and finished in 8th place. Some lovely dives and a very consistent list. It was Clara’s second time competing a new dive which she is nervous about so amazing job!

Day 3

Noah was competing in the boys group C 1m and dived beautifully to qualify for his second final of the weekend. He finished 6th in the final with some lovely dives. This is an incredible achievement and Noah’s first high level age group competition. His attitude all weekend was amazing and was keen to get back home to work on new skills for his competitions coming up. Clara was up next in the women’s A+ platform and managed to qualify for the final in 5th place!!! Clara has been injured for many months and only just got a list back on 5m a couple of weeks prior. Although she wasn’t using the same dives as normal, she smashed her dives in the final to come away with the BRONZE medal.


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