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8th Open Croatian Cadet and Junior Championships

Updated: Dec 24, 2019

Aberdeen took two divers, Clara Kerr and Noah Penman to Rijeka, Croatia for the 8th Open Croatian Cadet and Junior Championships. This is a great opportunity for the divers to experience diving in an outdoor pool, which is very different to being indoor. This was Noah’s first time diving outside and he got on with everything very well. Both Clara and Noah had a great week, joining on with the Edinburgh team and meeting new divers from many different countries. They did some beautiful diving and came away with some fantastic results.

After a couple of days training, the first evening of competitions was the Girls and Boys synchro events. Clara unfortunately did not have a synchro partner so was not competing on this day. Noah teamed up with Rayne from Edinburgh to compete in the boys group C&D 3m synchro after only one session of training together. They started off very well and had some great dives. They finished 6th, a very good effort for one hour of practice!

The first full day of competitions we had Clara up in the first event, the girls group A platform. Clara was competing two massive new dives for the first time, and to compete them in an outdoor pool is very brave! She dived beautifully to come away with a SILVER medal. Amazing job Clara, well done. Noah was up next in a very long and tough boys group C 3m event. This was the most amount of dives Noah has had to compete and the longest competition he has been in. He dived very consistently and finished in 14th place. After a long day of diving, Noah was then competing again in the boys group C platform event. Although extremely tired, Noah dived amazingly to finish in 6th in a very competitive group. Well done Noah, outstanding effort.

The next day, Clara was competing in the girls group A 1m event. Clara had a shakey start and missed a couple of her required dives but managed to bring it back with her harder dives to climb her way into 7th. Well done Clara! The last event of the day was Noah in the boys group C 1m. This again was after an incredibly long day and the competition lasted over 2 hours! Noah dived very steadily, also competing his massive forward one and a half somersaults double twist for the first time. He finished 10th to get his second top 10 of the week. Well done Noah, great effort.

The final day we had Clara in the girls group A 3m. Clara dived lovely, after not having trained her 3m list as much as we would have liked while we were there. She stayed very positive throughout and finished the weekend with a BRONZE medal. Great job Clara, well done!!

Boys C/D 1m Synchro - 7 pairs

7th - Noah Penman + EDC Rayne Hamilton (171.09)

Boys Group C

1m - 30 divers

10th - Noah Penman (247.10)

3m - 27 divers

14th - Noah Penman (246.00)

Platform - 23 divers

6th - Noah Penman (265.30)

Girls Group A

1m - 19 divers

7th - Clara Kerr (293.80)

3m - 14 divers

BRONZE - Clara Kerr (347.90)

Platform - 11 divers

SILVER - Clara Kerr (330.70)


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