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Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGs) 2022

From Friday to Sunday, we had 8 divers competing in the 2022 Scottish National Age Groups (SNAGs) right here in Aberdeen. It was a brilliant weekend and there were lots of fantastic diving across all ages, plus a brillaint 3m Synchro event!

Finally, we want to say a massive thank you so much to everyone that helped over the course of the weekend, whether you were marshalling, helping on dive recorder, or helping take shifts at the tombola, you were all fabulous and helped make everything run so smoothly. A special shout-out must go to Kevin Duthie who did a brilliant job each day announcing and keeping everyone on track. And a final thank you to everyone who came watched and cheered on the divers in Aberdeen Diving Club, it was lovely to see the baloney full of energy and loud cheers!!!

Girls Group C


Jade Hendrie (184.65) - 1st

Amelia Leslie (179.75) - 2nd

Megan Horsburgh (150.00) - 8th

Annabel Bostock (143.95) - 9th


Amelia Leslie (194.45) - 2nd

Megan Horsburgh (166.30) - 6th

Annabel Bostock (159.15) - 8th


Amelia Leslie (177.00) - 2nd

Megan Horsburgh (159.00) - 4th

Jade Hendrie (156.95) - 5th

Annabel Bostock (144.40) - 8th

Boys Group C


Semyon Bykov (198.50) - 1st

Zain Sellar (173.55) - 2nd

Ben Morrice (173.05) - 3rd


Ben Morrice (202.65) - 1st

Semyon Bykov (186.35) - 2nd

Zain Sellar (178.25) - 4th


Ben Morrice (192.90) - 1st

Semyon Bykov (177.80) - 2nd

Zain Sellar (170.25) - 3rd

Girls Group B


Anna Duthie (210.55) - 2nd


Anna Duthie (181.25) - 3rd


Anna Duthie (210.55) - 2nd

3m SNAGs Synchro

Amelia Leslie + Anna Duthie (181.11) - 3rd

Jade Hendrie + Semyon Bykov (175.95) - 4th

Annabel Bostock + Megan Horsburgh (150.42) - 6th


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