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Santa Skills 2019

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Brilliant day down in Sheffield for the 2019 Santa Skills. 10 of our divers made finals with all divers performing some top quality diving and some absolutely amazing team spirit and support.

Up first was the Girls and Boys Group E event. Both groups had 17 divers. The results for the Boys E were Murray in 15th, Zain in 10th and Semyon in 6th, qualifying him for the finals. The results for the Girls E were Annabel in 8th and managing to qualify for the final were Megan H. in 6th, Maisy in 5th and Amelia in 3rd.

Next event was the Girls and Boys B+. Boys had 9 divers with Jamie M. And Jack Dow finishing in 8th and 9th respectively. There were 14 girls in the B+ event with both Holly and Madeleline qualifying for the finals in 6th and 5th respectively.

After lunch was the Boys and Girls Mini E event, where we had 4 divers competing, Angus and Blair both qualified for the final in 6th and 1st, out of 11 divers. Then Jessica and Layla also qualified for the finals in a massive group of 26 divers for the final in 4th and 2nd respectively.

The final two events were the Girls and Boys Group D. Girls had a total of 37 divers with our girls finishing with Mia in 29th, Ellen in 24th, Dana in 12th and Megan W. in 10th. Boys had a total of 30 divers with our boys finishing with Jamie N. in 24th, Liam in 22nd, Nicholas in 18th and Scott in 17th.

Full results from the event can be found on the results page of our website.

Finals Results:

Boys Mini E

GOLD - Blair Crooks🥇

5th - Angus Macrae

Girls Mini E

Gold - Jessica Macrae🥇

4th - Layla Ross

Boys Group E

5th - Semyon Bykov

Girls Group E

4th - Maisy Murray

5th - Amelia Leslie

6th - Megan Horsburgh

Girls B+

GOLD - Holly Thomson🥇

SILVER - Madeleine McDermott-Dick 🥈


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